The Astronomer’s Obsession by K. Lyn Smith

About The Book:

The story of two friends and a slow-burning love that outshines the universe.

An astronomer of humble origins

Harry Corbyn has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In a discipline dominated by titled noblemen, he’s fought to get where he is. And where he wants to be next is Egypt, to lead an expedition to measure the size of the solar system. An extended stay at Redstone Hall is not part of his plan.

An artist of noble birth

Celeste St. James knows she’s meant for more than needlepoint and high society. With dreams of exhibiting at Paris’ prestigious Académie, she doesn’t need distractions. But she returns to Redstone Hall when her father becomes ill, and reunites with her childhood friend. When the two join forces to help Celeste’s father build an ambitious telescope, their powerful connection draws them deeper into each other’s orbit, until they must choose between their dreams or their love.

My Thoughts:

The description of this plot had me intrigued from the start! I always enjoy a unique spin on a Regency love story and the astronomy interest that was added to this plot was something I had never read before. Harry and Celeste had great chemistry. I really enjoyed their friendship and loved the fact that they had shared childhood memories together. Their slow burn romance was paced well and kept me turning the pages to see how things would end up. Mixed in with the romance of this story was an obvious focus on astronomy and the building of a large telescope which was interesting and really highlighted Harry’s intellectual side and showcased how passionate he was about his profession. I enjoyed this story and really loved these characters together. There were a few minor uses of some langue in this story that were a little unexpected, but nothing excessive and other than those minor occurrences this one is a clean read. There is even a preview of what may come in the next book in the series!

*I was given a copy of this book by the author, however I was not required to write a positive review.

Just Enough Luck by Aspen Hadley

About The Book:

Lucy Moore never lost faith in her fairy godmother, and when she lands an unbelievable dream job working for Drake Enterprises, she knows exactly who to thank for the opportunity. That dream job, however, comes with a twist that has her heading to northern Montana for the monthlong annual family retreat at The Lucky Wolf ranch. She packs a suitcase of warm clothes and a fake it ‘til you make it attitude, prepared to do all she can to win the family over. Once there she comes face to face with the Drake brothers.

Alexander, Lucy’s new boss, is literally a magazine cover model. He’s also a numbers geek like her, which makes him dreamy beyond belief, and Lucy can’t stop staring. He’s too perfect to be real. Daniel is the first person Lucy meets when she arrives at the ranch in the most humiliating way possible. His warmth and humor quickly put her at ease, and she’s grateful to have a friend in this unknown, way off the beaten path, frozen part of the country.

In one short month Lucy contends with animal attacks, a temporary roommate who’s more robot than human, some ranch-hand flirting sessions, and a little eavesdropping, all while attempting to show her new boss that she can do the job.

When the month ends, and it’s time to return home, her story is far from over. Now her heart belongs to the one man who seems perfect for her. Can they overcome all the obstacles in their way?

My Thoughts:

This book was a fun rom com that with a bit of a western flair! Cowboy boots and banter contributed to the charm of this story! Lucy was definitely a city girl with a flirtatious nature and Daniel was a rancher with a really great sense of humor! It was fun to watch their friendship flourish and romantic sparks fly as they got to know each other. This rom com was well balanced between humor and romance. There were funny moments, but they occurred naturally which is always what I prefer! This book is part of series and I am really anxious to dive in to the next one!

*I was given a copy of this book by the Publisher, however I was not required to write a positive review.