Midnight on the River Grey by Abigail Wilson

midnight river

Book Summary:

After her elder brother’s mysterious death, Rebecca Hunter vows to expose the man she believes responsible: Mr. Lewis Browning—known by the locals as the Midnight Devil and by Rebecca as her new guardian.

Summoned to his reclusive country estate to await her London season, Rebecca plans her own secret investigation among the darkened corridors of the mysterious Greybourne Hall. Yet Lewis Browning is not as she once imagined, and his motivation is horribly unclear. Recurrent nightmares and Rebecca’s restless feelings are further complicated by the shadow of her mother’s prior descent into madness and wondering if she, too, will follow the same heartbreaking path.

Even as midnight rides, strange injuries, and further murders lead back to Mr. Browning, Rebecca can’t ignore the subtle turn of her heart. Has she developed feelings for the man she swore to see hanged? And moreover, can she trust him with her uncertain future?


My Thoughts:

Midnight on the River Grey was another mysteriously enticing novel from Abigail Wilson!  This book was intriguing and peeked my curiosity as the characters endeavored to make sense of a variety of obscure circumstances and murders.   This plot kept me guessing and searching for answers until the end!

The cast of  characters in this book was likable and really interacted well in this story.  Rebecca was unique and memorable  and I enjoyed her lack of propriety and her quick tongue.  Lewis was the perfect match for Rebecca!  He was generous and kind, but also had a great sense of humor which was subtle but enjoyable.  However, all of Lewis’s character traits are wrapped in a shroud of mystery because of his peculiar habits and midnight rides.

The second half of the book is really where things picked up pace in my opinion.  Things got exciting!  There were a few shocking twists and I loved it!  I am not going to spoil anything!  It was well done!  All of the questions I had were answered and the conclusion was perfect!

If you like historical fiction with a mysterious flair then I would definitely recommend adding this to your reading list! I loved the atmosphere she created in her novels!  Its eerie and Gothic feeling with bits of romance! Abigail Wilson is on my must read list after two stellar novels that I could not put down!

If you would like to purchase a copy of Midnight on the River Grey or learn more about Abigail Wilson, visit the links below!

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About Abigail Wilson:

Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fanatic, chai tea connoisseur, and writer of historical romantic suspense. On this site, you’ll find a small collection of what I love most—period drama, mystery, and heart—which are the same elements I piece together in my stories.


*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher but was not required to post a positive review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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