The Vicar’s Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack


Cassie, the youngest of six daughters in the Wilton family, is bold, bright, and ready to enter society. There’s only one problem: her older sister Lenora, whose extreme shyness prevents her from attending many social events. Lenora is now entering her third season, and Cassie has no choice except to wait her turn.

Evan Glenside, a soft-spoken, East London clerk, has just been named his great-uncle’s heir and, though he is eager to learn all that will be required of him, he struggles to feel accepted.
A chance meeting between Evan and Lenora promises to change everything, but when Lenora proves too shy to pursue the relationship, Cassie begins to write Mr. Glenside letters in the name of her sister but her good intentions may lead to disaster.
As secrets are revealed, the hearts of Cassie, Evan, and Lenora are tested. Will the final letter sent by the vicar’s daughter be able to reunite the sisters as well as unite Evan with his true love?
My Thoughts:

This story was such a good read!  I expected a cute story with good characters and I feel like this book had so much more than what I anticipated!  I was totally hooked from start to finish.  These characters were very well written.  Each character had so much growth from the beginning to the end of this story, and it happened in a very natural way due to circumstances.  Nothing felt forced or rushed or contrived.  There were so many times that I was frustrated situations in this book or with a character and just wanted a resolution, but the great part about this book is that you grow to love the characters as they deal with the hard situations they are facing.  Cassie was a wonderful heroine.  I was not sure if I would grow to love the seemlingly selfish younger sister that was introduced at the beginning of this book, but I did!  Such a journey for her to make a mistake and have to learn how to accept and deal with the consequences of her actions.  I did feel like her parents were too harsh on her for the mistake that she made and seemed to favor Lenora in almost every situation.  It was irritating.  However, I don’t think the story would have been the same if they had not responded that way.  I loved Evan.  Maybe I am a sucker for a poor man who becomes a gentleman and heir.  The glimpses of Evans thoughts and character that the reader sees in the letters exchanged between he and Cassie were such a unique way to learn more about who he was.  I loved that he had a depth to his character and his relationships with his family were highlited in this story as well.  I loved that this story did not solely focus on the letter exchanges and conclude with a revealing of the truth.  It really held my attention until the end! Loved the conclusion!  I have loved so many books in the Proper Romance line and this was no exception!  

If you are interested in ordering a copy of The Vicar’s Daughter, visit one of the links below!

Amazon: The Vicar’s Daughter


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