My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen


Jack Eliot dreams of being the captain of his own ship. But then his grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth, names Jack as his heir — with a caveat. Jack must impress the aristocracy, or else his mother and sister will remain in poverty. Can a rough-and-tumble captain be transformed into a gentleman of society?

Ivy Carlisle is willing to try. Employed as his tutor, she begins teaching Jack the ways of high society, but she quickly discovers that this dashing sailor is brash and bold, opinionated and passionate. If she’s not careful, Jack might end up teaching her a thing or two about romance.
Sparks fly when the sailor meets society, and Jack soon learns that his challenge isn’t surviving the ton, but surviving the conspiracies against him — as well as keeping himself from falling madly in love with his new tutor.

My Thoughts:

I love Regency books and this one was an easy and enjoyable read.  I thought that the Regency take on the “My Fair Lady” story line was interesting and worked well with these characters.  I was worried that Jack Elliot, the hero, would be too gruff and cold hearted, but as the story develops the reader gets to see his kindness and more depth to his character.  His caring nature towards his mother and sister allowed the reader to see the softer side of him.  Ivy was so likable from the very beginning of this story and I only grew to like her more as the pages turned.  She was poised and proper, but also smart, witty and had the ability to speak her mind.  I loved her confidence and her direct manner in her confrontations with Jack.  Jack was so blunt and grumpy with Ivy for the first part of their interactions, however she never seemed to back down.  I loved seeing the relationship that developed between Ivy and the rest of Jack’s family.  Ivy and Jack’s interactions during his “lessons” were fun to read.  Jack’s obvious disdain for the upper class and their social standards was an obstacle that he and Ivy both had to overcome if there was to be any success introducing him to his new peers.  The constant attention Ivy gave to bettering Jack’s mannerisms and teaching him the social graces made the perfect setting for the development of their friendship and trust in eachother.  There is also a little hint of mystery in this story as Jack has to ward off several attempts on his life and its anyone’s guess who is behind the attacks.  The only real criticism I can give is that I wasn’t truly in love with the cover of this book.  It just wasn’t my favorite, but the inside more than made up for my lack of interest in the cover!  I was so excited to see that this author’s new book “The Secret of the India Orchid” which is set to release in August will focus on Sophia Elliot, Jack’s sister.  Definitely going to pre-order that one!  

To purchase a copy of “My Fair Gentleman” visit one of the links listed below:

Amazon: My Fair Gentleman
Banes and Noble: My Fair Gentleman


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